Dual-Band X-Frame Shortwave RX Loop

Having a few nice vintage shortwave radios around, I decided it would be nice to actually USE the dang things once in a while 🙂   And given the almost unusably noisy performance of indoor short wire antennas, I made some loop antennas to cover approx 3 – 18 MHz to see if performance could be enhanced.

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Hallicrafters S-53 Ressurection

I really like the classics, the glow of tubes and smell 🙂 of transformers And having a short window of free time decided to pick up a poor ugly semi-rusted Hallicrafters S-53 for cheap. I was interested in it’s somewhat unusual 2.075 MHz IF frequency (used to enhance image rejection). I decided to try out a weird idea in regard to not really restoring, but rather quickly resurrecting an old not-so-valuable boat anchor.

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