Solar Eclipse Data Showing Propagation Enhancement on the Lower HF Bands

Solar eclipse data shows interesting enhancement of my signals on 160 M (1.8 MHz) during the event. Similar data for another station is shown for 80 M band (3.5 MHz) also.

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Analysis (thanks Jay !!!) of several day’s data showing a clear daytime peak only seen on eclipse day. You can see the numerous stations automatically contacted and logged by the WSPR system at night (from around 00:00 to 12:00 UTC) – which is typical, since 160 M is a “night time band”.

Both 160 M and 80 M are primarily nighttime bands, much like long distance “skip” AM radio, because ionosphere D-Layer absorption is dramatically reduced when not in sunlight. Apparently for the same reason, we see HF WSPR radio signal enhancement during eclipse.

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Copyright Dave Benzel- KD6RF – 2017 Jul 27

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